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Genki is a Japanese word that means health, happiness, energy, enthusiasm, and vitality. In Japan, it is common to greet others with, "Ogenki desu ka?" or "Are you genki?" Our mission is to publish educational resources that share our commitment to whole living and the values that are Genki. Genki Press is an affiliate of i play., Inc. For over 32 years, i play. has provided natural baby products to families around the world.

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grow healthy. grow happy. book
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Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. The Whole Baby Guide

Written by Becky Cannon

• Supports a positive, whole, and integrated approach in parenting
• Respects parents' intuition, intelligence, and individuality
• Presents tried and true traditional ideas in a contemporary way
• Includes vibrant color designs in accessible format

Genki Press
ISBN 978-0-9916539-0-4
Paperback Full Color 816 pages 8.25" x 10.25" x 1.5"
U.S. price $29.99 Canadian price $35.00
Publication Date: October 2014


Nurture your baby with nature's principles for a radiant life. Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. The Whole Baby Guide is a complete resource for parents to give their babies a healthy beginning for the first three years.

After more than 30 years of focusing on developing the best natural products for babies, i play., Inc. owner, Becky Cannon would like to share her experience. She draws from her background in child development, Japanese traditional foods and healing, and raising two children.

The book presents information for parents about wellness and healing, child development, healthy feeding, and products for natural living.

Three parts include:


Whole Baby offers information about nurturing your child's physical, emotional, and mental development. In each chapter you will find daily practices, theories, and essential skills to assist you in learning about and supporting your child's health and well-being.


Whole Food discusses essentials to establish your baby's holistic foundation for healthy eating. It includes food groups, recipes, menu plans, and suggestions for going out and for celebrating special occasions.


Whole Living is a comprehensive resource on products and their ingredients. You will find a guide and reference list of products that you need and what to look for when shopping and making choices for your baby.