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Pathways of Whole Learning for Your Baby

Pathways of Whole Learning for Your Baby

As a way of understanding a child’s natural learning patterns, and to guide her in all aspects of learning, I have identified seven basic pathways for whole learning that provide your baby with seven different kinds of learning experiences. When you intentionally offer stimulation and experiences in all seven pathways, you give her the opportunity to develop in a whole, balanced, and integrated way.

Development of all the pathways strengthens your baby’s foundation and broadens her potential for learning. As you become familiar with these pathways,you can get creative and discover your own ways of incorporating them into your baby’s daily routine.

With this eBook you will:

  • Explore the seven pathways, including:
    • Sensory (the five senses);
    • Movement (gross motor, fine motor, spacial awareness);
    • Interactive (self and others);
    • Communication (body language, talking, listening);
    • Cognitive (curiosity, memory, problem solving);
    • Creative (imagination, art, music); and
    • Naturalist (learning through nature).
  • Reference tables detailing how to nurture each pathway for different age groups, from birth through 36 months.

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