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Theories of Emotional Development


Your baby’s emotions are tied to experiences, memories, and associations that color his lens of perception. His first relationships become the structure upon which he builds other relationships. Your child learns about and develops emotions that vary in intensity, frequency, and duration. As your child grows, you can begin to see his temperament and personality develop. Knowledge about your baby’s emotional developmental stages helps you mindfully provide for his needs and wants.

This eBook contains:

  • A chart of milestones in emotional development, organized by age
  • Discussion of attachment, and how to support a healthy and secure bond
    between you and your child
  • An explanation of temperament, including how to interpret your child's temperament based on yin yang principles
  • An explanation of personality, and how to support your child's personality
    based on the enneagram theory
  • Some thoughts on gender differences and how they impact a child’s
    development and behavior

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