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Theories of Mental Development for Your Baby

Theories of Mental Development for Your Baby

While your baby’s intelligence can increase throughout life, the cognitive development that takes place between birth and three years of age is foundational. Because learning builds upon learning, the knowledge that your baby gains between birth and her third birthday underlies her self-image, motivation, and view of the world throughout her life.

Understanding the process of her mental development can help you guide her to discover her potential.

With this eBook you will:

  • Reference a chart of milestones of cognitive growth.
  • Gain understanding about optimal learning opportunities: windows of time when your child's brain is especially receptive to mastering certain skills or absorbing an area of knowledge.
  • Learn about the structures and functions of the brain: the left and right hemispheres and ways to support whole-brain learning in your child.
  • Learn about the theory of multiple intelligences.
  • Explore discussions of focus, memory, sensory integration, language, and play in the context of cognitive development.

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